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All on 4 Implant Treatment

All on 4 Implant Treatment

In cases of complete or partial edentulism, the process of making a fixed prosthesis using a total of 8 implants in the lower and upper jaw is called all-on-four implant treatment. The most important feature that distinguishes this procedure from other procedures is that the implants are placed at a different angle.

All on 4 treatment is based on implant-supported fixed prosthesis for patients with no teeth and severe bone loss. This treatment, which is performed by using only the bones in the front area of the jaw, is called ‘All on four implant technique’. This method is generally a technique that patients with more than one missing tooth can easily choose. The application is planned specifically for the person to be performed and is ideal for people who cannot use removable dental prosthesis. Cleaning the All on four dental implant is also very easy.

Thanks to the changes that occur with the development of technology, there are also innovations in treatment methods. The all-on-four implant technique, one of the leading innovations, is a very effective treatment method, provided that it is applied by dentists who are experts in the field.

What are the Advantages of All On Four Implants?

The biggest advantage of all on four implant dental treatment for the patient is that prosthesis and implant procedures are performed on the same day. Other advantages of this treatment can be listed as follows:

  • It is economical compared to many other implant treatment methods.
  • It is very suitable for patients who have difficulty using a removable prosthesis.
  • It provides an aesthetic appearance at the end of the procedure.
  • Since it has a different palate design, it makes it easier for the patient to get used to it.
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