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Bonding dental treatment is a form of dental treatment that allows a very attractive smile to be obtained in the natural color of the teeth. Bonding application, which is frequently preferred in smile design, attracts attention as the most used technique. Bonding application is a treatment method with the most successful results in aesthetic dentistry and smile design.


  • It can be applied without any abrasion on the teeth.
  • After the examination is completed in the first session, the procedure can be applied to up to 4 or 6 teeth in a single session.
  • If the defects and gaps in the teeth are suitable for treatment, the problems can be resolved in a short time with Bonding application.
  • Deformities in the teeth as well as various fractures can be corrected.
  • Natural results are obtained that cannot be distinguished from natural teeth in any way.
  • The application can be performed without the need for any anesthesia.

Who Can Have Bonding Application?

  • Those who want to change the color of their teeth
  • Those who want to have more smooth and aligned teeth
  • Those who have small tooth structure and want to make their teeth a little bigger
  • Those with broken teeth
  • Those with gaps between their teeth
  • Those with decay in their teeth
  • Those who want to equalize the length of their teeth can have bonding applied.
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