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Laminated Veneer

Laminated Veneer

What is Laminate Veneer Dental?

Laminate Veneer is a treatment performed by thinning only the front surfaces of the teeth without cutting them, and aims to minimize the loss of healthy tooth tissue. Laminate Veneer is the name given to the application of bonding teeth to the thinned area. An aesthetic smile is extremely important for people today. For this reason, Laminate Veneer dental treatment is a highly preferred treatment method.

It is a treatment method performed to clean the decayed teeth and correct the damage that has occurred in cases where no results are obtained from any whitening process. For this process, first the teeth are filed and then measurements are taken for the veneer. After the impression is taken, approximately 7 days are waited for the teeth to be ready for the procedure. After the teeth and molds are ready, a rehearsal is carried out and the bonding process is carried out after the approval of the doctor and the patient.

Advantages of Laminate Veneer

Laminate dental veneer has many advantages in terms of both oral health and aesthetics. The advantages of this coating option, which provides great benefits in some cases, can be listed as follows;

  • Hereditary anomalies in tooth structure.
  • Yellowed fillings
  • Teeth that are worn or broken for some reasons
  • Other whitening methods do not provide sufficient benefit
  • Deformity of teeth
  • Crooked or crooked teeth
  • Separation of teeth

Laminate veneer, which is one of the advanced treatment methods for oral and dental health and aesthetics, can be applied to individuals of all ages. Although individuals’ aesthetic concerns are a priority, this treatment also contributes significantly to the health of the person’s tooth enamel.

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