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Our Technologies

Our Technologies

As Koşuyolu Park Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, we prioritize providing reliable treatments with maximum comfort to our visitors by using technology and aesthetic dentistry at the highest level.

Digital Panoromic X-RAY

With this imaging method, all teeth and jaw bones in the mouth are imaged on the same film plane within seconds. It is a very important technology needed in the first examination. The captured image appears on the computer screen simultaneously, and it is a practical imaging system because there is no waiting time. It is an imaging method frequently used in diagnosis and treatment steps as it allows imaging of all teeth in the mouth at the same time.

Digital Measurement Scanner

Teeth are scanned using an optical camera with digital 3D measurement method. The data is transferred to the computer environment and the patient’s mouth is measured. It provides high comfort to the patient by eliminating reflexes such as gagging during measurement with traditional measuring spoons. In addition, this method provides a more precise and more accurate measurement.

CAD-CAM – Digital Design and Production

This innovative technology makes it possible to reconstruct teeth in a single procedure. CAD CAM, which is among the techniques frequently used in the field of aesthetic dentistry, allows patients to produce teeth as they dream. This technique is used to design and produce both aesthetically and healthily, especially porcelain restorations and prostheses.

EXOCAD – Smile Design

Exocad is currently the most widely used dental software for digital smile design in the world. It allows modeling of all kinds of adhesive dentures, from aesthetic single-member veneers to full-mouth Hollywood Smile design and personalized smile design. It also allows temporary models and wax-ups to be modeled with efficient data usage. In this way, the patients’ digital smile records are archived.

3D Printer

Using 3D Printer technology, after the digital smile design is applied, it allows the patient to quickly produce the desired smile on the resulting photographs and models. When we want to do a rehearsal before even starting the treatment; This design can be printed out from a 3D printer and tested one-on-one in the patient’s mouth. Since it is recorded in the digital environment, it is possible to make changes and try it again, thus deciding on the final version together at the beginning of the treatment, thus achieving the desired aesthetic result.

It also shortens the laboratory results and ensures that the treatment is completed quickly with fewer appointments.

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