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Great Danger in Teeth Whitening

Great Danger in Teeth Whitening

Medication use, frequent consumption of tea and coffee, what we eat and keeping tooth brushing time short lead to yellowing of our teeth and the formation of tartar. Tartar causes teeth to become loose over time, and yellowing causes an unhealthy appearance.

In particular, yellowing is a frequently encountered complaint. As a solution, teeth whitening is applied and this procedure must be performed by a dentist.


Applying teeth whitening at home is risky. Lemon corrodes teeth with its acidic structure, while baking soda causes damage to teeth due to its highly alkaline structure. Because tooth enamel can wear away even if it is a very hard tissue. Whitening kits sold in pharmacies and markets should not be used by heart.

Dentists clean the patient’s teeth before the whitening process. Just like whitening, this is a procedure that only dentists can do. Trying to clean your teeth with hard objects such as needles or pen tips means endangering your dental health.


Teeth are not damaged in any way by whitening in a clinic environment. With care for nutrition and oral hygiene, whiteness is preserved for a long time. Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly used aesthetic dentistry applications today.

Not smoking, brushing your teeth correctly and regularly, reducing or completely quitting sugary foods and drinks, and going for routine dental checkups will also keep your teeth white for a long time.

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