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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

Smile design application is a treatment method that aims to help the person have a smile that is both natural and healthy.

It not only aims for aesthetic beauty, but also aims for the perfect harmony between lips, teeth and gums by eliminating problems occurring in teeth and gums. The smile designed for this purpose consists of a series of procedures that respond positively to the patient’s oral and dental health needs as well as their expectations.

Treatment consists of steps determined specifically for the individual. First, after a comprehensive examination, the required treatments are started in the order determined by the dentist. These procedures include interventions for aesthetic concerns, especially the elimination of problems in unhealthy teeth and the treatment of gum diseases. The aim of the design, which was created by evaluating the patient’s gender, expectations and face shape, is to obtain a very natural, healthy and aesthetic smile.

The maximum smile obtained is achieved in a very short time, such as 7-10 days. Our patients, who are treated with maximum comfort, can continue their daily lives comfortably during this period.

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