Koşuyolu Park | Harms of Using Oral Care Waters That You Didn’t Know

Harms of Using Oral Care Waters That You Didn’t Know

Harms of Using Oral Care Waters That You Didn’t Know

Although mouthwashes, also known as mouthwashes, are frequently preferred products for daily oral care and cleaning, they pose a danger in long-term use.

A toothbrush is not sufficient for daily oral care and cleaning. Dental floss, mouthwash and interdental brushes should be used for areas where a toothbrush cannot reach. If you have concerns about daily oral and dental hygiene, you can clean your mouth with the guidance of a dentist.


Although mouthwashes have an important place in oral cleaning, it is important to know the difference between prescription and non-prescription mouthwashes. Prescription mouthwashes should be used as recommended by your physician. Mouthwashes used unconsciously may cause side effects in some people.

Mouthwashes available by prescription contain alcohol and chlorhexidine. This antimicrobial, which is recommended in cases where the gums are inflamed, is also recommended after oral operations.

A common mistake in oral and dental cleaning is the use of mouthwash after brushing teeth. Some substances in the toothbrush deactivate the chlorhexidine in mouthwashes, impairing its effectiveness. Therefore, mouthwashes should be used half an hour after brushing teeth.


Long-term use of mouthwash and swallowing large amounts can cause irreversible stomach problems. In addition, long-term use may cause deterioration in the sense of taste and may cause gingival peeling, which we call desquamation.

This situation will cause pain and burning sensation discomfort while eating due to the sores formed in the mouth.


Long-term use of chlorhexidine will increase the formation of tartar and will also destroy many beneficial bacteria. For this reason, long-term and incorrectly used mouthwashes can cause tooth decay and aphtha formation.

Side effects that occur in the mouth can be improved by reducing the use of mouthwashes or not using them for a while. Use it as specified in your prescription to prevent the systemic balance from being disrupted and to prevent the formation of difficult diseases.

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