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What Does Your Smile Tell You?

What Does Your Smile Tell You?

Stand in front of the mirror, observe your smile and answer these questions.

You may feel confused about whether you need a smile makeover or not. By answering this simple survey, you can decide whether you need to improve your smile.

  • Do any of your front teeth overlap?
  • Do your lower six front teeth look crooked and irregular?
  • Do you have any stains/yellowing on your teeth?
  • Do your old veneers or laminates look artificial?
  • Like wear on the neck of any of your teeth?
  • Do you have a gap between your teeth?
  • Do you feel like your gums show too much when you smile broadly?
  • Do you hesitate to smile naturally or smile for a photo for some reason?
  • Do you think your smile looks unaesthetic for any other reason?

If your answer is ‘Yes‘ to any of the above questions, you should consider going to the dentist for aesthetic smile design.

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