Koşuyolu Park | If You Have Swelling in Your Gums, Do Not Take It Lightly!

If You Have Swelling in Your Gums, Do Not Take It Lightly!

If You Have Swelling in Your Gums, Do Not Take It Lightly

Accumulations of pus on the teeth, mostly caused by bacteria called staphylococcus, are called dental abscess. Abscesses are actually a result of the body’s defense mechanism against bacteria. The main symptom of a tooth abscess is a severe, throbbing toothache in the area of the abscess. The pain usually occurs suddenly and then gradually gets worse over a few hours or a few days.

Broken and damaged teeth, decay, gum disease or damaged fillings can be the main cause of an abscess. The symptoms are generally; It can be seen as severe pain in the ear and jaw, pain during chewing, extreme sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold, redness and swelling of the gums on the cheek, bad breath, fever, and loss of taste.

The first thing a person with these symptoms should do is to see a dentist. There are some methods that will help people until the intervention of a physician. The most common of these are;

Gargling with salt water or carbonated water. This process will help reduce pain by clearing the inflammation around the tooth.
Making a cold compress. This process, just like gargling, will help reduce swelling and reduce pain by applying it to the area where the abscess occurs.

It should not be forgotten that although methods such as rinsing the mouth with various solutions or using painkillers provide temporary relief, they are not actually a solution. In the future, the swelling on the cheek will grow and the intensity of the pain will reach unbearable levels. For this reason, by using hearsay recipes and spending time on practices such as draining the abscess yourself at home, you may actually cause the abscess to become stronger and make the treatment process both longer and more difficult.

If left untreated by a dentist, dental inflammation progresses to the deep tissues and spreads to the surrounding tissues and jawbone. This condition can cause severe pain, bad breath, difficulty swallowing and breathing, and enlargement of the lymph nodes under the jaw and fatigue.

Abscess treatment varies depending on what type of abscess you are faced with. For this reason, it must first be determined whether your disease is a cold abscess or a hot abscess.

If a tooth abscess is left untreated, in addition to losing your tooth, the inflammation can travel to the brain and heart and cause serious problems. Therefore, treatment should be started as soon as possible with a specialist dentist. To prevent dental abscesses from occurring, daily dental care and regular dentist check-ups should be performed without interruption. Besides these; It is very important to take care to follow the instructions given by the dentist exactly.

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