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What Causes Gum Abscess?

What Causes Gum Abscess?

Digestion begins in the mouth. For this reason, inflammatory reactions occurring in the mouth can quickly spread throughout the body. This situation can lead to many diseases. One of these inflammatory reactions is gum abscess. Gums consist of soft connective tissue and epithelial tissue. Under the influence of various factors, the tissue integrity of the gum is disrupted and inflammation occurs. The infection that develops in the gum develops into a separate structure within the tissue. This structure is called abscess.

Abscess is a serious problem that can be life-threatening if left untreated. These life-threatening threats are:

brain damage
heart damage
sinus problems
jaw bone damage


Food residues: Food residues left in the gums or teeth can cause infection in this area if not cleaned properly.

Wounds: Various wounds in the mouth area can facilitate abscess formation.

Tooth decay: When the infection that develops in late-treated and advanced tooth decay spreads in the mouth area, it may trigger an abscess.

Gum inflammation: Various inflammatory reactions can facilitate abscess formation.

Excessive sugary foods: Acidic drinks and excessively sugary foods can quickly cause infection and abscess formation.

WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF GUM ABSCESS? Constant throbbing and severe pain

Extreme sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold
Pain during normal chewing and biting
Swelling on face and cheeks
Fluid that leaves a bad taste and odor in the mouth, indicating the rupture of an abscess


Gum abscess treatment is important both in determining the reactions that cause abscess formation and in making early diagnosis against the risks that may occur as a result of abscess.

Surgical procedures requiring anesthesia may be required in the treatment of gum abscess. Therefore, abscess formation must be examined by a dentist. In this way, the reasons for the formation of the abscess can be determined directly during the examination performed by the physician and the correct treatment methods can be applied.

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